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Italesse Etoilé Sparkle

Italesse Etoilé Sparkle

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($17.99/unit in a 6 unit case)
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($17.99/unit in a 6 unit case)
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A stem glass with perfectly studied and balanced proportions, characterized by a wide bowl that recalls the traditional Champagne coupe towards the base, whilst its height alludes to the traditional flute.

The ample mouth of the glass as well as the linear forms of its walls allow the aromas and perlage of the wine to be channeled towards the upper area of the glass directing them towards the mouth to enhance all the wine’s qualities.

The presence of 7 laser-cut perlage points, one central and 6 in a circular crown at equal distances from the center, allows this innovative stem glass to promote perlage.

This glass has been exclusively designed to elevate the organic and olfactory properties of sparkling wines produced with the Champenois method and is perfect for the tasting of Trento Doc wines.

Colour Clear
Material Lead free automatically blown crystalline Xtreme® glass.
Use Professional stem glass for tasting of sparkling wines and Champagne.
Capacity 480 cc / 16 oz
Dimensions Height: 230 mm Width: 98 mm
Box Quantity Six (6)
Designer Luca Bini for Italesse
Product SKU 3055
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