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Feudo Disisa : SINCE 1920

Tradition, authenticity and quality are the production guidelines by Feudo Disisa. The Estate is situated in Sicily, in the territory of Monreale (a province of Palermo),at about 400-500 mt above the sea level.

The name Disisa probably derives from the Arabic word “Aziz” – “the Splendid”. Already in 1200 when Sicily was a land of conquest the emirs who came from the desert found the Paradise of the earth in this valley. And they sang the beauty of the most fertile countryside in the “Conca d’Oro”, for its water ways and shade, for the scents of the wild vegetation, for its fountains and palm trees, for its cultivated fields.

The Feudo Disisa single grape variety wines are a true expression of a new style and the genuine quality of the Sicilian land. New, fresh and lively wines, Nero d’Avola and Grillo Feudo Disisa are ideal for everyday use without ever giving up quality.


Monreale, Sicily, ITALY | N 37.9518° E 13.1060°

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