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Valdivieso's history dates back to 1879, when Don Alberto Valdivieso founded Champagne Valdivieso. They were not only the first house producing sparkling wines in Chile, but in all of South America.

The first sparkling house in America (yes, of all America) is not just a historical fact, it is the most valuable legacy left to us by our founders. An invaluable heritage, alive in every bottle and in every corner where Valdivieso is present.

Valdivieso has become the category leader in domestic and South American markets, while also expanding their export activities to European, North American and Asian markets. A century after its founding, today Viña Valdivieso offers a portfolio of high quality wines and continues in search of the best terroirs in Chile. Their efforts have awarded them international recognition.

Today, one hundred years later, Valdivieso is still the leader in its category, delivering quality products, and having the most varied portfolio in Chile.