Collection: Louis Guntrum


Since 1648 the GUNTRUM family has produced exceptional wines. In 1909 Louis Guntrum returned to the left bank of the Rhein River and settled in Nierstein, Rheinhessen. Today, Konstantin Guntrum and his wife Stephanie continue the family heritage as 11th generation. Their commitment to the family heritage: “Tradition is not about tending the ash, but about stoking the fire.”

Rooted in Rheinhessen. The world-famous Nierstein „Roter Hang“, the Oppenheim hillside vineyards, the rolling hills of Rheinhessen are individual terroirs, which allow to produce unique wines from each terroir. Red sandstone (Nierstein), chalk (Oppenheim) or clay – nature provides us with the perfect soil for different grape varieties. The mediterranean climate combines all these elements to perfection.

Unique wines are widely affected by individual terroirs. Rheinhessen offers many of these individual terroirs: World-famous red sandstone in Nierstein. Chalk soil in Oppenheim. Clay for the rolling hills of Rheinhessen. For us, sustainability is a mindset, which we have been cultivating for generations: “Just like you are working sustainable and never noticed it!“. Our slogan in the cellar is even simpler: Sweet idleness. Time and patience are amongst the best winemakers of the World.