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Cara Nord - Negre


John Muir famously said, “The mountains are calling and I must go,” which is a fitting slogan for Cara Nord, a joint project of Tomas Cusine, Xavier Cepero and Eric Solomon located in the Sierra Prades. Here elevation, UV exposure and climate combine to create...

Italesse Etoilé Noir 26oz


Crystalline stem glass manufactured with Xtreme® technology that is extraordinarily light elegant and easy to handle. Its slender design and tapered bowl serves to accentuate the character of full-bodied, expressive wines both young and mature. Colour Clear Material Lead free automatically blown crystalline Xtreme® glass....

Alavin Decanter - Red Base


"Refreshing" decanter with chiller, which can be let free to spin on the table to decant aged red wines or rest on the ice holding base to maintain wine at the right temperature. Characterized by a balancing base, Alavin is a "refreshing" decanter with a...

Gran Pagoda Clear


Bowl/wine cooler with striking shapes and a recessed handle which prevents the leakage of ice and water, can hold and cool up to 6 bottles. It’s also a multi-purpose container and a must-have for parties or premises’ counters. Fully stackable.

Italesse Dropdown Vinocchio


A small masterpiece in terms of form and function: Vinocchio Dropdown. Its minimalist design brilliantly solves the problem of drying. Made in stainless steel, it is also equipped with a small drop-holder tray made of waterproof lycra.

Italesse LED Base Gran Pagoda


Exclusive lit support base with slanting lines opposed to the top rim of the bowl, with forty (cold) white light leds. The base also comes with some convenient grooves, which collect the condensation droplets from the top section of the bowl, and rechargeable batteries for...